Cycling into the Future

June 1-2 & 3, 2023

Municipal Art Gallery of Larissa – G.I. Katsigras Museum

The bicycle is the only means of transportation that carries the messages of Sustainable Development to the world community fulfilling 11 out 17 UN SD Goals.


The Municipality of Larissa is partnering with the Hellenic Cycling Federation & the Development Committee of the H.C.F., in order to organize the 1st Larissa Cycling Forum ” Cycling into the future” for Bicycle & Cycling in Greece, a conference of “good practices”, held in Larissa on 1, 2 & 3 June 2023, alongside with the celebration of World Bicycle Day, with international impact and many side events, defining the future of the bicycle and laying the foundations for developing a culture of cycling in society.






Kalogiannis Apostolos

Mayor of Larissa

In the last years, the city of Larissa makes significant efforts towards sustainable mobility and urban development.

Guided by the messages of the world community and the corresponding 17 UN goals, the city of Larissa is changing, with projects and actions that support sustainable mobility and encourage soft modes of transportation, and the use of bicycle that continuously increases in the city.

Larissa is considered today as a frontrunner city for Greece, in terms of promoting sustainable mobility and the use of the bicycle.Therefore, it’s natural for such an important conference to take place in Larissa, the capital of Thessaly and the 5th largest city/municipality of Greece. Good cycling practices will be presented at the conference in an “holistic” way.Our goal is to make Larissa a model city by adopting good practices and innovations for bicycle, urban mobility, sustainable mobility as well as a “workshop” of current practices.

We invite all of you to support this effort, for our city, for us and our children.

Diamantopoulos Vasilis

President of the Hellenic Cycling Federation

All of us at the Hellenic Cycling Federation, with the motto “Bicycle: Transport-Recreation-Sport”, over the last two years, we are trying to spread the message for the use of the bicycle, especially among the younger generation, in order to utilize its low ecological footprint as well as to improve the environmental conditions. Of course this does not depend only on us.

Local Government and State bodies play significant role in preparing studies and constructing cycle paths, thus creating the necessary infrastructure for the safe use of the bicycle by all ages to enjoy the benefits of urban mobility.

There are cities, such as Larissa, that have made great steps towards this direction and have incorporated the bicycle in the life of all its citizens!It’s a great responsibility for all of us, and I think that the time has come to make decisions for the development and the better visibility of cycling through this Conference, that is co-organized by the Hellenic Cycling Federation and the Municipality of Larissa.

I strongly believe that, through the sessions of the conference and its conclusions, even more people will come close to the sport of Cycling as well as strong foundations will be created which will make it possible to set up a bright future, for a strong and meaningful influence of the bicycle in the local societies!


Municipal Art Gallery of Larissa
G.I. Katsigras museum


Thursday, June 1st, 2023 // 18:00 - 20:50

» Official opening of the Forum & Greetings
» Bicycle Policies & Proposals
» City & Cycling, good practices, Mayors’ Round Table

Friday, June 2nd, 2023 // 10:00 - 14:00

» Cycling, Youth & 17 Sustainable Development Goals
» Survey on bicycle use in Larissa
» Bicycle & Health
» Micromobility, Infrastructure & Planning

Friday, June 2nd, 2023 // 14:30 - 20:30

» Education & Cycling, Methods & Practices
» Bicycle & Road Safety / New K.O.K.
» Cycling & Media, Promotion & Communication
» Cycling Tourism, Sport and Recreational

Saturday, June 3rd, 2023 // 10:30 - 13:45

» Bicycle & Urban Mobility, Problems & Solutions, Coordinator Hellenic Federation of Urban Cyclists
» Cycling Athletes, Disabled Cyclists, Reality & Future
» Cycling Clubs, Racing & Sportive Cycling

Saturday, June 3rd, 2023 // 14:30 - 17:00

» EOPA – Hellenic Federation of Urban Cycling, Present, Future
» H.O.P. Development Committee, Action Plan
» “50 Years of E.O.P.”

Friday 2nd & Saturday 3rd of June 2023

» Training Seminar for Cycling Coaches of the Greek Cycling Coaches Association
» Cycling Coaching
» Experiential training



Wednesday 31/05/2023
Opening 20:00
Central Square of Dim. Sapka


Wednesday 31/05/2023
Municipal courtyard
Evita Theodoropoulou,
Yannis Kotseridis,
Dimitris Fotiou


Friday 02/06/2023 &
Saturday 03/06/2023

Dedicated to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals
United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The little ones
cyclists are invited to pass 17 obstacles
as many as the targets on an original track
of skill. Everyone is a Winner.
All participants receive a Diploma and
Bike Number as souvenirs.


Floor Educational Game



Larissa Learning City
Friday 02/06/2023


KDAP of Municipality of Larissa

Friday 02/06/2023 &
Saturday 03/06/2023


Friday 02/06/2023
All Day
Municipal Gallery courtyard


Friday 02/06/2023


Friday 02/06/2023 &
Saturday 03/06/2023


Exhibition of collectors and photographs from the "Phototheque"


Professor Emeritus

Presentation title:
Cycling, exercise & health

He has been an international athlete and national coach in Greece and the UK, Professor at the Department of Biomedical Sciences at the University of Wolverhampton, UK and Dean of the Faculty of Physical Education & Sport Science at the University of Thessaloniki.

He was also the founder and director of three postgraduate programmes (1 in the UK and 2 in Greece), chairman of the National Centre for Exercise is Medicine-Greece, and was on the founding team of the British Olympic Medical Centre.

His name is included in the top 2% of the global scientific community for the years 2020, 2021 & 2022, he was among the top 42 Greeks in the Medical Sciences for the year 2022, and this year he was ranked as number 1 in all of PT in terms of international scientific recognition.

Presentation title:
The behaviour of the cyclist in the urban environment

Petros Dinas is a researcher in human physiology at the Laboratory of Environmental Physiology and a lecturer at the Department of Dietetics and Nutrition of the University of Thessaly, based in Trikala.

His main area of research is human brown fat, which he has investigated using gene markers as well as positron emission tomography. He has previously worked as a human physiology researcher at the University of Wolverhampton, UK, and is currently funded by the European Agency for Disease Prevention and Control and the World Health Organization to carry out research related to his interests.

Petros Dinas is a cycling commissioner with participations in National Cycling Championships and international competitions.

Psychological Performance Consultant

Tzatzaki Theodora is a graduate of the Department of Physical Education and Sports Science of the Democritus University of Thrace. She also holds an MSc and a PhD from the University of Thessaly, specializing in Exercise Psychology and Sport Psychology. She has been a Taekwondo athlete and has many Panhellenic victories to her credit as well as has represented our country in European competitions with the colours of our National Team.

She served as a physical education teacher in primary schools in our country and worked as a teacher in Private Vocational Training Institutes (I.E.K.) as a responsible instructor of the Sport Psychology course.

For the last 5 years she has been collaborating with GRAFTS (Greek Athletic & Fitness Training School), the private training provider in the field of Fitness in Greece and Cyprus as a training supervisor in the field of Exercise Psychology and Health Behaviors.

In the field of competitive sports, she has been giving lectures and seminars to athletes, coaches and parents all over Greece for fifteen years and she collaborates with athletes in individual and team events who have achieved significant National, European and International distinctions.

Presentation Title:
Cycling Tourism, Sport and Leisure

Nicolas Saroukos was born in Darwin, Australia in 1976. He is a graduate in Tourism Management and Economics with a Master’s Degree (Msc) in Service Management from the Athens University of Economics and Business. She has worked at Olympic Airways for almost eleven years (Press Office and Public Relations Department of the Olympic Airways) and since 2009 she has been a member of the staff of the Greek Tourism Organisation / Ministry of Tourism. He has served as Head of the Peloponnese Tourism Directorate from 2014 to 2016, while from 2017 to date he is Head of Control and Tourism Development of Thessaly for the Ministry of Tourism. He has prepared a number of studies and proposals on tourism development issues in Thessaly, and has participated and participates as a tourism trainer, including in programs of the American Farm School and Vocational Training Schools.

Presentation Title:
Micromobility, Infrastructure & Design

Tommy Rizomyliotis has 39 years of experience in the design, supervision and management of transport projects in Greece and abroad. Partner of DENCO S.p.A. – DENCO S.p.A. – DENCO IKE since 1989 until today, Shareholder of DENCO S.p.A. – DENCO IKE since 2006, Key Partner – Director and Manager of DENCO SYGNOSTICS S.p.A. since its establishment (2011). Since 1984 until today he has prepared a multitude of traffic studies, controlled parking studies, urban mobility studies, car park studies, traffic impact studies, road studies, urban development and redevelopment studies, economical and environmental studies, feasibility studies, tender documents for tenders, etc., being in most cases Coordinator and Study Manager.

He is the coordinator of the transport studies in all stages of the project “Integrated Development Plan of the Metropolitan City of Elliniko – Ag. Kosmas”.

He was or is the Coordinator in the preparation of the following Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans:

– Municipality of Central Corfu and Interprovincial Islands (2021 to 2021)

(2021 to date)

– Municipality of Central Central and Central Greece (2021 to date)

– Municipality of Korydallos (2023 to date).

– Municipality of Peristeri (2023 to date)

– Municipality of Heraklion, Attica (2021)

– Municipality of Metamorfosi (2023)

– Municipality of Ioannina (2018)

– Municipality of Vrilissia (2018)

– Municipality of Igoumenitsa (2018)

– Municipality of Preveza (2018)

– Municipality of Larissa (2015)

– Traffic Implementation Study in the central area of Larissa (2018)

– Study of Traffic Regulations for immediate implementation in the context of the implementation of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan for the city of Larissa (2017)

– Transport study at the level of final design (2009) and implementation study (2013) for the project “Bioclimatic Roads Regeneration and Creation of Cycle Path Network in the Municipality of Agia Paraskevi”

Graduate in Surveying Engineering with a Master’s degree in Environmental Planning of Cities and Buildings. Executive of the Green Fund since 2012 and responsible for the Expropriation of Open Public Spaces in Cities Financing Programme in terms of planning, implementation and monitoring the progress of the funded proposals of the Municipalities.

Nikos Antoniadis works as a librarian at the National Documentation & Electronic Content Centre (EKT). He is the creator and administrator of the public group “Bicycle Commuters of Greece” on social networks. He was the secretary of the “Bicycle Community” and co-organizer for two consecutive years of the friendly competition “Bike To Work”.

Antonis Sifakis is a lawyer, Environmental Lawyer. An urban cyclist in Athens since 1999, he has been active in the collective Cyclists since 2005. One of the founders of the “Cycling Community” and member of its Board of Directors since 2014. Secretary of the Hellenic Federation of Urban Cycling since its foundation in 2021.

Panagiotis Pitsilos, married and father of three children, runs a bookstore and publishing house in the centre of Athens. He has been a daily urban and suburban cyclist since his school days for social and business commuting. He is one of the founding members of the Athens association, “Cycling Community” and a member of its Board of Directors since its inception. Today he is president of the Athens club and the Greek Federation of Urban Cycling.

Lazaros Papadopoulos is a father of two children and is active in Pieria as a freelancer, specifically in refrigeration and air conditioning applications. He has been interested in cycling since he was a young boy. For the last 11 years he has been a member of the association “Cycling Action of Pieria” with the last 4 of them in the position of president. He is also vice president on the board of the Greek Federation of Urban Cycling.

Marathon cycling athlete with a professional card in the MASTER category in ALFA CYCLING TEAM with an international card of world participation in event races around the world (participant in long-distance routes – Brevet, approved by the World Cycling Federation, 200-300-400-600 km). For the second consecutive edition (2019 and 2023) participant as super randonneur in the world’s largest Brevet held in France (Paris-Brest-Paris). Co-manager and coordinator of urban cycling, in the group “Cyclists of Chalkida” on Facebook. Radio producer in the show “Zoi Podilato” on 102,2 Fm station in Aliveri and on the YouTube channel.

Radio producer on the programmes ‘Cycling and Life’ on 96.5 Fm in Chalkida, ‘Life Bike’ on 102.2 Fm in Aliveri and on the YouTube channel. Member and co-administrator of the “Cyclists of Chalkida” Facebook group, organizer of the annual cycling route “Ascent of Agios Ioannis the Russian – Prokopi Evia” and the “Cycling Awards of Chalkida”. Elected councillor in the Municipality of Chalkida and member of the tripartite working group for the promotion and development of urban cycling in the Municipality of Chalkida.

I was born in 1970 in Trinets, Czechoslovakia, to Greek parents, but at the age of 10 I moved with my family to Kastoria. I am a high school graduate, father of two children and since 2000 I have been serving in the Greek Police. Although I got to know the bicycle late, it is now an integral part of my life. In 2016 we founded the Cycling Club of Kastoria ”620” trying to highlight the bicycle as a means of transportation, sport and entertainment, while emphasizing the benefits of cycling through actions and speeches in schools of our prefecture. As of 2021 I am President of the Association and continue to work on this effort by integrating the club into the sports clubs. At the same time, I do not stop taking part in long-distance cycling events (Brevet) but also in cycling races, as well as in running, road and mountain races. Also, in recent years I have been working as an amateur with photography, especially black and white photography.

Kostas Tsirigakis was born in 1964 and is a professional photographer. Since 2008 he has been participating in cycling events related to urban cycling on the island of Corfu. President of the Orthopetalia Association of Corfu , for many years. He has participated in cycling meetings ( Vello City ) abroad and in Greece in order to spread the urban mobility by bike. He believes that the use of bicycles has a future in Greece and it is something that we will be obliged according to the European Union and its directives, to do in the coming years.

Cycling Athletic Association of Thessaloniki – P.A.S.TH.
Urban cyclist since 2012. Founding member and member of the Board of Directors of P.A.S.TH. since 2016. Organizer and participant in hundreds of activities promoting cycling and cycling education.

Micromobility, Infrastructure & Design

Research Director, Institute for Sustainable Mobility and Transport Networks (I.MET.)

Graduate in Civil Engineering – Transport Engineering. Master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of PARIS VII and in Transport Systems Design and Management from the Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chausees. Doctoral thesis on “Application of experienced systems in the planning of vehicle fleet routes”, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Professional and research expertise in the fields of: Traffic Management, Transport Systems Management, Use of Telematics Applications: in the field of Maritime, Road and Combined Transport, Geographical Information Systems, Fleet Management and Operational Research.


Fotini Mysirli is the President of the Municipal Youth Council of the Municipality of Larissa. She has been working in primary education as a teacher for the last five years. She has completed her postgraduate studies in Education Policy and Social Entrepreneurship. She is a PhD candidate at the Department of Philosophy and Pedagogy of the Faculty of Philosophy of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.


Pavlos Hatilaris is the Vice President of the Municipal Youth Council of the Municipality of Larissa since 2021, where he was elected. He was born in Larissa in 2001. He is studying at the Department of Psychology at Brookes Oxford University and Metropolitan College where he served as Chair of the Department (Campus Larissa) for 2 years. He was appointed coordinator of the Education, Culture & Sport Committee of the Municipal Youth Council in its first term of office. Furthermore, he is the founder of the Culture and Art – Larissa page.


Secretary of the Piraeus Youth Board

Senior executive in a consulting company.

MSc in Maritime Administration and MSc in Public Health.


Head of Finance of the Piraeus Youth Board.

Executive of a Big 4 company with experience in reporting European programmes.

Maritime Economist and member of the College of Chartered Accountants.

Youth Council of the Municipality of Thermi

Third-year student at the Department of Accounting and Finance of the University of Athens. Student of Accounting and Management of Macedonia and External Communication Manager


Dimitrios Deligiannis

Deputy Mayor of Administration. Education and Lifelong Learning, Municipality of Larissa

Konstantinos Diamantos

Deputy Mayor of Sustainable Mobility and Smart City Systems, Municipality of Larissa

Vaggelis Moras

President of the Municipal Social Enterprise of Larissa

Periklis Kamaris

Director of Mayor's Office, Municipality of Larissa

Georgios Leventakis

President of the Development Committee of the Hellenic Cycling Federation

Thanos Georgiou

Coordinator of the Development Committee of the Hellenic Cycling Federation

Savvas Tsopouroglou

Board member & cashier of the Hellenic Cycling Federation

Gogo Apostolidou

Advisor to the Mayor, Municipality of Larissa

Aris Psichas

Journalist, Head of Press office of the Municipality of Larissa

Lefteris Batzanoulis

Advisor to the Mayor, Press office Municipality of Larissa

Elena Zilou

Sports Department of the Municipal Social Enterprise of Larissa

Christina Mitroula

Office of Tourism Development Municipality of Larissa

Evi Evangelou

Head of the Road Safety Educational Programs, Coach, Cycling Academy of the Municipality of Larissa

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